Friday, July 27, 2012

Juki Addiction - no cure!

Am fast becoming a Juki addict - so much so have to have something under the Juki needle whilst I'm planning or doing other things - such as taking time to layer my #4 UFO for example. Pop back and forth between tasks. For variety and exercise.
I know - pathetic ain't it?  It's my only form of entertainment!!
All the interest and fun of the fair is in London at the moment. Not even seen a flag in my neck of the woods. The excitement hasn't reached us yet.

Below is a 17 year old UFO scrap quilt. Can probably tell how old it is by the fabrics.

Downside of free motion quilting old work is the old wadding and cotton threads.
Created lots of fluff under the needle which was a nuisance - and slowed me down.
This is a small 'cuddle' quilt - want to get it finished ASAP - so resorted to meandering and large rough (very rough) feathers for a change of texture. Will probably finish it this week by which time the 'Love Much' quilt should be layered (not my favourite job) and ready to go under the Juki.

NB: Maggi - the daisy-like flowers are to be found on Patsy Thompson's Fast and Free quilting DVD - volume 2.

Her DVD's are worth every penny.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Patsy Thompson . . my quilting guru

I took a look at one of my Patsy Thompson's DVD's that contains a heart motif which I think would look lovely on my next big UFO - the 'Love Much' quilt.

I have 8 of Patsy's DVD's and I'm sure she wouldn't object to me showing a picture of her in action

Wish I had used one of Patsy's pretty flower quilting designs (below) instead of the floor tiles as inspiration to quilt this 1930's style quilt. I was trying to be clever.

If you haven't seen any of Patsy's quilting DVD's I urge you to have a look at them.  Patsy is also to be found on YouTube. I have included her website on this Blog - see right. .

When my husband was ill and needed to relax, I'd put on a Patsy's quilting DVD so I could sit with him quietly and watch Patsy. He loved her voice -thought she was the bees knees.

I learned so much from Patsy. Her quilting DVD's are the best on the market - bar none.
Patsy takes you gently through all the stages and is a mine - an absolute mine -  of information regarding machines, needles, threads, basting fabric and techniques.

If you read this Patsy, then I must tell you that at last - thanks to you - I have the confidence to use some of that lovely sateen you kindly sent me. Stephen was overwhelmed by you and Ernie's thoughtfulness and generosity towards us - complete strangers -  at that dreadful time. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

Have not 'moved on' - don't think that phrase is relevant to a deep personal loss. We don't completely recover. A residue of the pain will remain - always.

Black scalloped border . . .

Finished at last. Used black to bind the quilt - thought it less 'sugary' than pink - tho many would disagree with me.  I like it.

Might wash and block the quilt to give it an old-fashioned look.

Here is a before picture of the quilt. . . .

Thursday, July 19, 2012

NEXT! Twelve year old UFO waiting to go under the JUKI . .

This green and pink appliqué quilt top is the next (4th) UFO project to go under the Juki needle, followed by the 5th - a winter version of the 'Singing Garden' BOM I designed for Popular Patchwork magazine in 2009.

Will interperse FMQing this appliqué quilt with piecing another UFO - a  very old Lone Star quilt top - on my old 1230 Bernina (newly repaired) to give me a change of task and venue i.e. from kitchen to conservatory - and back again!

Am I a glutton for punishment?  Yeh!!

1930's quilt on the bed . . .13 year old UFO . .

My 13 year old UFO quilt - just about finished - on my bed for you all to see.

This is the third UFO of 12 quilt tops I have vowed to finish.

I'm going to scallop the border in keeping with the 'old style prettiness' of this quilt.

Looked at some antique quilts with their slightly higgledy-piggledy quilting and wanted similar effect for my quilt. Wanted it to look old fashioned, which think I've achieved.

Looked at wall paintings in Kelmscott Church where Wm Morris worshipped, and is buried.

Ancient floor tiles in St John the Baptish Church, Cirencester were an inspiration and starting point
for that first tiny square of quilting which, like topsy, changed and grew.

No vermicelli or meandering in sight.
Used vermicelli and meandering on my first UFO - the Lone Star - see earlier post.

Used a combination, of my kitchen window glass design and McTavishing, for my second quilt - Wm Morris - see earlier post.  What next....?

Heading for the last roundup . . .

Just a few more stitches and then the main body of the quilt will be finished. Used Sharon Schamber's ring to keep area flat where I'm machining.

1930's UFO quilt . . .and fish 'n chips . . .

This photo of my old 1930's style quilt show it at beginning of quilting process. Have a few more stitches to add and the body of the quilt should - no - WILL be completed by the weekend when I will post pictures of it.  Not a vermicelli or meandering stitch in sight . . .

Meanwhile here is a photo of fish 'n chips from my local chippy for you to be getting on with whilst waiting for my finished quilt pictures. A poor do don't you agree? Scampi was barely warm and the chips were all bits.  I'm taking this photo into the shop when I next feel the urge for some comfort food. That'll set the cat amongst the pigeons! Or should I say the shark amongst the haddock?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Lovely Cirencester!!

A lovely spot but it rained solidly for 6 days during our week's holiday in Cirencester at Lower Mill Water complex. Sun and blue skies arrived on last day of holiday. Glad to return home.