Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The wonderful ladies from St Thomas's Church . . . congratulations!

Eighteen wonderful ladies raised £8,000 ($13,000+) for The Christie Hospital, which specializes in cancer treatments and is known worldwide.

Hilary and the girls (plus one man) made The Singing Garden Quilt - from a BOM created by me and published by Popular Patchwork magazine earlier this year. The group are to be congratulated for a superb effort!

I was invited to draw the winning ticket at their Quilt Show on Saturday but was unable to do so due to the dreaded Swine Flu plus looking after Stephen who is very ill.
It is an understatement to say how disappointed I was at not being able to attend the ceremony - and missed a lovely lunch to boot.

Luckily, Katy - web editor from popularpatchwork.com - rose to the occasion and did the honours in my place. I understand a piece of the special Singing Garden Cake (see above) is winging it's way to me by Royal Mail. It's a super cake isn't it - and what a good idea!

The magazine will be featuring pictures of Singing Garden Quilts made by subscribers - in next month's edition.

St Thomas' Church Quilt Group.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Stephen and Patsy Thompson's Vol 3 feathers DVD to cheer us up..

Stephen is not well and we have been to and from the Hospice and the hospital these past few weeks. He is receiving therapies which help him somewhat - but the pain in his back is becoming unbearable. Drugs have been increased but the morphine doesn't seem to touch the pain - just makes him dopey. He has been referred to a Pain Management consultant at the hospital and is to have a spinal block - i.e. injection into his spine - next Friday - in a desperate attempt to give him some respite. This will require anaesthetic and overnight stay in hospital.

The nights are bad and I feel helpless not knowing what to do. At the end of the day - in spite of help from the Hospice, local hospital and Macmillan/District nurses - it's still a case of dealing with things yourselves.

On a happier note - we have been watching Patsy Thompson's latest DVD (3rd) on Feathers. Click on sidebar - Blog List or Interesting Websites - to access her site. (www.patsythompsondesigns.com) A treat in store!

Not only does Patsy have a lovely face and reassuring voice - which Stephen finds restful and appealing, but her skill at free motion quilting is a triumph.
I defy anyone not to be able to stitch feathers when they have seen Patsy in action.
She is much copied by many professionals.

Patsy helps at a Hospice in the USA which makes her presence in our sitting room doubly welcome at this sad time.