Saturday, May 31, 2008

ORIGINAL INSPIRATION for The Singing Garden Quilt.

When asked to create a BOM for Popular Patchwork magazine I sat - and sat - and sat in the garden, staring at flowers and birds and anything else that moved looking for inspiration.

The cheapo blingy windmill caught my eye - how could it do anything else? 
That was my starting point and the first block - later discarded - was born.

Friday, May 30, 2008



Almost a repeat of yesterday except I have not done any ironing nor made any bread. 

I watched bird activity in my garden instead. Two blue-tits are housed in one of the nesting boxes - flying back and forth like crazy - obviously feeding their young. I didn't want to miss the fledglings leaving the box - sat for most of the afternoon with binoculars glued to my face in the hope of seeing them.  No luck and the blue-tits are still 'at it' this afternoon if you'll pardon the expression.  
Did manage to cook liver and onions for 'high tea' with creamed potatoes, chopped cabbage and peas/carrots followed by a delicious rhubarb tart on a pastry cream base served chilled - with cream. Starting diet tomorrow.
Blackbirds have built a nest on top of an old nesting box. Lots of activity in that quarter - but no sign of any youngsters.  Lots of young sparrows and starlings not to mention adult coal-tits, doves and 'The Pigeon Family' who feed and bathe in the large bird-bath together with 'Armless' who damaged his wing last winter and I foolishly(?) fed him and let him roost in my shed until he was able to fly. I say foolish because he has since brought all his family - from home and abroad by the looks of things - to feed in the garden.

However, this morning I layered the 'Singing Garden' BOM quilt I designed for Popular Patchwork magazine. Used a mini gadget with tags that I bought from Malvern Show a couple of weeks ago. Number of tags used was frightening (1000's) but perhaps I 'tagged' too close - about 2 to 3 ins apart.  It was certainly much quicker than tacking (basting) or safety pinning.
The proof of the pudding so to speak will be when I start to quilt and whether or not they will be a nuisance and difficult to remove.

I pinned and straight stitched 1/4" around all sides of the quilt before cutting away excess backing and wadding - then zig zagged around the whole quilt.  

Looks as though it has a case of measles with all the black 'spots.'

Now the fun begins.  Have sat and stared at it - will no doubt stare at it some more before I begin. My trusty Bernina is all set with a new needle and threaded with pure silk thread (as is the bobbin) . . . . . .no more excuses . . . . . . . 

Cooking a turkey crown I bought last Christmas from Aldi for tea ('supper' if you're posh). Looks very big and very solid. Cooking instructions state  two hours @ 180ºC covered with foil. Then half an hour without.  Will do.
Not sure what to serve with it.  Will make that decision when I tear myself away from this computer. Certainly will be having Rhubarb Tart - have enough to feed me for a fortnight (2 weeks in American speak!)  Ta ta for now . . . . . 

Thursday, May 29, 2008



This describes my day!


Another new dawn! 

What pleasures or surprises lie in store for me today, I wonder?

Whoopee! Bedmaking, breadmaking, and a huge pile of ironing on my To Do list.

This is fascinating stuff, folks. Will fill you in this evening with the finer details of my day.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I may slip in the odd quilting tip or picture as a bit of light relief for those who happen by chance to light upon this blog, meanwhile I am off to bed with book - "Love in a Time of Cholera" - but no candle.