Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is this where I caught it? Les Sampler Gels . . . .

A Proper Northern Cold . . .

Have succumbed to a reet proper northern cold. None of that ladylike dabbing of lacy hanky under one's nose.
Oh, no! This is Gale Force 10 stuff! Roll of Aldi loo paper to hand - Beechams Powders - Friar's Balsam - and a final whisky and hot water toddy with a squeeze of lemon before bed.
I'll not tire you with intimate details - suffice to say I feel bloomin' miserable.

Original Proper Pink Marigolds.

Pink (!) Marigolds . . .

Monday, September 29, 2008

Latest Blocks of the Month

Here's my latest blocks - Winter Flower Basket and Autumn Pink Marigolds which are based on 'The Singing Garden' quilt published monthly in Popular Patchwork Magazine.

I used a pretty pink and green colour scheme for the original quilt but decided to make two other quilts - one in warm Autumn colours and t'other in cool Winter colours for the BOM website [www.popularpatchwork.com].

I hope to finish all three quilts in time for the GPQ exhibition in April 2009.

Winter Flower Basket as seen on www.popularpatchwork.com

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Choir . . . . . .

Beethoven's Ninth

Have you ever sung Beethoven? I have the feeling he hated sopranos judging by the screeching we endured this evening at choir practice. Loads of Top C's. It was no joke and I'm frankly knackered - tho' log lifting might have some bearing on my exhaustion.
Either that or eating too much stuffed duck - which I cooked yesterday - finished the remainder this evening - and ooh la la - le canard is tres naughty and probably lying low - heavily - on my tum. Together with the Mars Bar I ate whilst writing this Blog.

Nearly finished the Singing Garden Quilt. Machine quilting the borders at the moment and I'm very pleased with the result.
Will have its first outing on November 11th when I give a talk to a local group.

Which reminds me. I received latest (November) issue of Popular Patchwork Magazine this afternoon - with a very pretty pink cover.
Magazine contains my latest BOM (block of the month to the unitiated) - "Pink Marigolds" - which doesn't make sense as marigolds are usually orange. Indulge me. I have my reasons.
Will post my autumn marigold block after I've uploaded my winter basket block (almost finished) to the www.popularpatchwork.com website.

The current 'Basic Instructions' thread on-line contains a series of step-by-step pictures showing my quick method of layering and basting a quilt on a table using a micro-tek gun.
This method does away with painful kneeling on floor - tacking a quilt using needle and thread or hundreds of safety pins.
Makes me tired just thinking about it.

On that happy note will away to my bed and Courtney Bryce. Now WHO is he I hear you cry and wot is he doing in my bed ? Aaaaah . . . Lucky 'ol me!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Flattened the Quilt top - but not the tummy. . . .

Weekend Chores . . . pure happiness . . .

Received a call at 8 o clock this morning to tell me a lorry load of logs (£110) will arrive in 2 hours time - dumped on the drive -and take me 2 days to hump around to the back of the house.

I guess that takes care of my weekend folks!

Had promised to layer a 13 years old and very ugly quilt (on dining table, using micro-tek gadget) with step-by-step photographs this weekend for www.popularpatchwork.com of which I'm "Resident Expert" or "Ask Aunty Babs" - better known by kind friends as "Mrs Know-it- All." Hmm . . . Have ironed the quilt top up to now . . . .Rest will have to wait. . . .

Neither log humping nor layering a quilt are favourite weekend past-times - but needs must . . . .

Will keep you posted . . .

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Singing Garden Block # 5 - Autumn Blooms version


Angela's Sampler Quilt - FOR SALE

Angela - another student of mine wishes to sell her Sampler Quilt based on a lovely intricate design by Robert Callaham.
Any offers?
Please leave a message if you're interested.

Flower Baskets.

Christine's 14" Flower Basket is destined for her Sampler Quilt.
Christine is a member of a local Parish Church group who attend Heirloom workshops which I've taught since the heady days of 1991.
I'm proud to announce that students on my Sampler Courses have won top prizes at national level, four years on the trot, and some have moved on to become tutors themselves.

Baskets allow quilters free rein with flowers or fruit using hand or machine appliqué techniques. Christine cut flower shapes from her main fabric and appliquéd them to the background. It's a very old but very effective technique called Broderie Perse.

Flower Basket made by a student - Christine.

Singing Garden BOM #7 - Autumn Garden Flower Basket.

Colour changes everything . . . .

Here you see the winter version - and how different it looks from both the original 'spring/summer' and autumn dahlia.

I used hand-dyed fabrics for the winter version - left over from some dyeing workshops I organised at Fabrix of Lancaster.

Added embellishments in the form of crystals for the centre. This block sparkles - not apparent on the photograph.

I am thoroughly enjoying making these extra blocks and, as I said previously, you can see how I created them by viewing my step-by-step pictorial instructions on (www.popularpatchwork.com) website. Go on - have a peek!

Winter Dresden Dahlia.

Dresden Dahlia

This is based on a very old Dresden Plate design. My Heirloom Sampler students, past and present, will recognise this old pattern - but given a bit of extra 'glamour' for the magazine.
Templates for 12" blocks were drafted for this BOM, whereas my original templates offered to students were intended to fit 14" blocks. Great fun to sew.

Autumn Dresden Dahlia.

Catching up.

Have been pressing on with my autumn and winter versions of The Singing Garden Quilt presently featured as BOM in Popular Patchwork magazine.
You can view step-by-step pictures of these blocks by accessing (www.popularpatchwork.com). The site has lots to offer and I sincerely hope you will have a look to see what is on offer.

Monday, September 15, 2008

How's this for a big un?

A little peek at part of my garden . . .

Long time no see . . . .

Hello everybody.

Here I am, back after long (working) vacation - having given you a rest from all my labours.

Lots to tell you - but must first get my beauty(?) sleep.

Till tomorrow fair friends . . . adieu or arrivederci - wotever takes your fancy - or whichever way your wind flies . . .