Thursday, March 28, 2013

Helen, Polly and Robin after the race . . .

Some good news that made me feel better.
Watched Helen Glover (2012 Olympic Gold medallist) and my grand-daughter Polly Swann, win the coxless pair race at the World Cup in Australia a few days ago.  Polly has learned a lot from Helen who has been an inspiration to her.  They were coached by the fabulous Robin Williams. Helen's previous partner was Heather Stanning who returned to duty in Afghanistan - taking a year off from rowing.
It was a tremendously exciting race and thrilling to see Helen and Polly win.
A first gold medal for Polly at World Cup level.
The W2- race can be seen on the 'World Rowing Live' website. A real treat. Do have a look.

Rowing at this level has been Polly's dream and here is a picture of Polly and Jen - medical students at Edinburgh University - winning Gold medals for Scotland at the European Championships in 2009  coached by the great George Warnock.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Slow recovery from spine operation...

Recovery has been slow from operation last month. Never known such pain. Had 2 babies without pain relief and passing kidney stones was not a joy, but the pain for first 2 weeks after the operation was relentless. Narcotic  drugs given to relieve pain caused withdrawal symptoms of nightmares, sweating and feelings of fear when I finally stopped taking the medication.
Must be ghastly for people who take drugs long-term. Cold turkey is NOT pleasant.

Not allowed to lift anything heavier than a carton of milk for time being - no bending - no machine sewing - no driving - no sitting for longer than 15 minutes at a time. Have started knitting my 22nd jumper since Stephen died.

I can tell you that, with hindsight, I would have thought twice about having this operation. They tell me it's early days and I will feel different in 5 months time. Hope so. Will be glad when the sensation of a stick of wood in my back ceases.