Thursday, July 26, 2012

Patsy Thompson . . my quilting guru

I took a look at one of my Patsy Thompson's DVD's that contains a heart motif which I think would look lovely on my next big UFO - the 'Love Much' quilt.

I have 8 of Patsy's DVD's and I'm sure she wouldn't object to me showing a picture of her in action

Wish I had used one of Patsy's pretty flower quilting designs (below) instead of the floor tiles as inspiration to quilt this 1930's style quilt. I was trying to be clever.

If you haven't seen any of Patsy's quilting DVD's I urge you to have a look at them.  Patsy is also to be found on YouTube. I have included her website on this Blog - see right. .

When my husband was ill and needed to relax, I'd put on a Patsy's quilting DVD so I could sit with him quietly and watch Patsy. He loved her voice -thought she was the bees knees.

I learned so much from Patsy. Her quilting DVD's are the best on the market - bar none.
Patsy takes you gently through all the stages and is a mine - an absolute mine -  of information regarding machines, needles, threads, basting fabric and techniques.

If you read this Patsy, then I must tell you that at last - thanks to you - I have the confidence to use some of that lovely sateen you kindly sent me. Stephen was overwhelmed by you and Ernie's thoughtfulness and generosity towards us - complete strangers -  at that dreadful time. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

Have not 'moved on' - don't think that phrase is relevant to a deep personal loss. We don't completely recover. A residue of the pain will remain - always.


Maggi said...

I am a great fan of Patsy's, for all the reasons that you mention. I only have 4 of her DVDs although more are on my wish list. I would love to know which one the flowers are on as they look great. You are right about the pain, it never completely goes away. Love the black as the binding on the scalloped edge quilt.

Jeanette said...

I am also a big fan of Patsy... it was through her DVD's that I was able to FMQ for the first time with confidence and I can now do feathers with ease! She's the best

Patsy Thompson said...

Hi Babs,
I just now saw this...thank you so much for your words of support. This means a lot as your quilting is fabulous!

Keep quilting!