Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Swollen feet and legs . . .

Stephen is having his second session of chemo later this morning, but his feet and legs have started to swell over the past couple of days so we have made an appointment to see the GP before we set off for the oncology department at the hospital.
I looked up the symptoms on the internet and it appears the swelling may be related to his liver problems. The increased morphine and steroid intake this past week may also be responsible.

I too am seeing the GP. Have developed a very sore throat/trachea over the past 3 weeks, which may or may not be due to stress - but it needs seeing to as I am finding it very painful to speak.

We are fast becoming a pair of old crocks!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

News . . .

Saw the oncologist this morning after spending 3 very troublesome weeks during which time Stephen has suffered severe pain, sleepless nights, and been anxiously awaiting results of MRI and CT scans taken 10 days ago.

Good news is that the pain in his back is not due to cancer but old damage to his spine - and they might be able to operate to relieve some of the pressure and pain.

Good news too re lymphomas in his stomach which have shrunk since his last bout of chemo.

The bad news is that tumours in both bowel and liver have grown by 2cms since end of April.

Stephen is beginning to lose his hair - coming out in handfuls, so I bought him a black bandana online, which actually suits him (and his pirate personality).

So we plod on. . . . Stephen has now been prescribed slow-release morphine and steroids each day - with extra morphine to take at night should the pain increase. This should ensure a pain-free day but there is a down-side we're told, as steroids can sometimes alter behaviour with patients becoming irritable and aggressive in some cases. I hope this will not be the scenario with Stephen as life is difficult enough as it is.

Patchwork and quilting have had to take a back seat. Reluctantly cancelled trips to Birmingham and Harrogate Shows and not running any P & Q workshops in the foreseeable future.
Life is on hold - with all my attention given to securing Stephen's comfort.

All the money in the world cannot change this situation, so I'm not buying any more lottery tickets!