Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Autumn Singing Garden quilt finished - now for the Winter version . .

Autumn version of Singing Garden quilt

Thought it would never be done . . 
I was fed up of seeing this quilt under my Juki - thought it would never be finished - what with my spine operation coming in between start and finish and unable to quilt for a couple of months. However, here it is in all its final glory and I quite like it tho it was certainly not my favourite of the 3 Singing Garden Quilts of Popular Patchwork fame.

My favourite is next on the starting block - already under the Juki - ready to start . . . . not sure how to begin or the style of quilting or which thread to use. Hoping inspiration will raise it's head whilst I'm anchoring the quilt and trying different threads for the fmq.
 Winter version of Singing Garden Quilt
My favourite of the 3 versions
original spring/summer version featured as BOM in Popular Patchwork magazine.

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