Thursday, May 23, 2013

Anchored and ready to go . . .

Winter Singing Garden Quilt
Sat  at my kitchen table at 7 am and stitched for an hour. I usually spend the first hour of the day at my sewing machine - in my dressing gown - with a cup of tea beside me. Gets the creative juices going and a good start to the day. I paint my pictures in the afternoon and knit in the evening while watching TV. Keeps me busy and prevents me feeling lonely.

Back to the quilt:  have anchored the blocks and appliqué - now ready to begin quilting. No idea - as yet - of how I'm going to tackle the design - so will make a start in the centre of a familiar block  - 'Square Dance' - and just hope inspiration will descend upon me as I quilt.

Failing inspiration I shall have to fall back on good old 'vermicelli.'


Anonymous said...

Hi Babs,

Really like your work and am in 'the north'. Do you run workshops for small groups? We are a group of North Yorkshire quilters: have machines can travel.



Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

Used to teach P & Q at local adult college and design for patchwork magazine. Let me have your email address and I'll make contact. I live in Torrisholme between Morecambe and Lancaster.