Monday, July 13, 2009

Devastating news . . .

A scan on Friday has revealed enlargement of the tumours in Stephen's liver. This is devastating news as he seemed to be doing so well on the steroids.
He has, however, developed excruciating pain in his back which the oncologist fears may be related to his condition and has arranged a bone scan.
Stephen has been in terrible pain these past 2 weeks which only morphine seems to deaden. Last night he had to resort to a double dose before he could manage to sleep. Before that we were up half the night. The morphine is still in his system so he feels a bit better this morning.

Whilst most are of the opinion that Stephen should now leave well enough alone and continue with palliative care - he has insisted on further treatment with chemo starting next Tuesday.
This particular chemo is aggressive with side effects of hair loss, diarrhoea, life threatening infection, and death - according to the doctor's written comments on the certificate Stephen has had to sign.
"I am not going to just sit and wait to die," he said. "I'm going to take a chance on the chemo extending my life."
I am worried stiff, and wonder what choice I would make given the same situation.
What would you do?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Surrounded by artists . . etc.,

Am surrounded by artists. Stephen (who used to teach art) and brother David who has recently taken up oil painting as a retirement hobby (and showing talent), plus brother-in-law Bob who is a professional artist! My sister is a brilliant couturier knitter - using fabulous designs and colours.
It's humbling - tho' I guess some quiltmakers are artistic. Ahem!

From whom my grandchildren inherited a sports tendency is a mystery - a throwback perhaps - as my parents and brother loathed all forms of sport and I'm not into it, having had rheumatic fever in my teens which knackered me as far as sport was concerned - tho' I was previously successful in long jump - flat racing and javelin throwing before RH struck.

It's funny how the old gene pool works isn't it?

Most of the family are musical or artistic - my daughters being excellent singers, yet my son and the grandchildren are mostly into sports.
The boys into rugby, skiing, sailing and girls into sailing and rowing. A good way of keeping them on the straight and narrow I guess, especially testosterone-fuelled teenagers!

Getting better - David's latest. . . National Gallery next . . .

Friday, July 10, 2009

VASHON ISLAND, Washington State, USA

Have just noticed a visitor from Vashon Island. I have relatives on Vashon living on 98th Street South - near the Fauntleroy ferry. Met some talented ladies who belonged to a quilting group on Vashon some years ago. They were the friendliest folk - and made some spectacular quilts.
It's a wonderful place to live and my regret is that I didn't stay there.

Full of blossom - and not a bee in sight this year. Where have they gone? Worrying!

Garden is full of lilies this year.

Just 2 Cornettos . . .

Received a lovely surprise today when my son, daughter-in-law, and grand-daughter arrived unexpectedly from the Highlands of Scotland to see how we are coping. Don't get to see them as often nowadays as it is too far for Stephen to travel, so the visit was doubly welcome.
Megan is absolutely thrilled to be chosen as Head Girl this year. She's lovely - is a proficient sailor - and hopes to receive her trainers certificate this week so she can teach sailing, alongside her brother Sam, on Loch Morlich near their home. I am thrilled about my grandchildren - all 10 of them - and I must congratulate my three children and their spouses for being such super and sensible parents who support and encourage their children to the nth degree.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July in Bloom . . . catching up . . .

Edinburgh Uni students - not all study & rowing! Polly in pink with boyfriend Ed.

Wish I had my time over again - lucky young things. Don't they look great! All their lives in front of them. Wonderful!!

Proud grandmother - Polly & Jen - Scottish rowing champions - coxless pairs..

Polly/ Jen (6' 1" and 6' 3" respectively) at Henley Royal Regatta.

Catching up . . .

Got a lot of catching up to do . . . after a stressful couple of weeks . . . . tho' I'm glad to say that Stephen is now coping very well on steroids (magic pills) and even went fishing for a few hours with my brother David yesterday. David has taken up a new hobby - painting - and this is his first attempt, using oils. Move over Rembrandt is all I can say!!!