Friday, June 7, 2013

Buy a Supreme Slider? DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Had a fit this afternoon when I received an email from a company which was advertising threads, plus Supreme Sliders at a cost of £52.95.
Yes, you read correctly - £52.95 or $82.28 in US money.

I paid £3.99 for the above Tefal non-stick baking sheet at either Lidl or Aldi (can't remember it was so long ago). I also use a sheet of it when doing appliqué or refurbishing Bondaweb that's come apart.

Looking at the above picture it's a bit 'Heath Robinson' but works brilliantly.  Quilt slides easily over the surface with no bumps or raised bits to hamper movement.
Used duck tape to keep the sheet in place after cutting out a small opening to allow the needle to function.
The extension table slips out to enable me to change bobbins - oil machine etc.,

Got the idea from Down by the River Blog whilst browsing online a couple of years ago.


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I am Just One Mom said...

Brilliant! I love quilters' creative solutions. Absolutely brilliant.