Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stained Glass Appliqué in the home.....


cath said...

Goodness me Babs, how do you manage to do all this sewing, cooking, gardening, blogging, running classes and still find time to just live your life? I feel exhausted just reading about all your exploits. All I can say is, you must be very speedy at typing, stitching, and teaching, not to mention chopping up apples!!! That alone would take me all morning, and then the rest of the day clearing away, and that's without all the boiling, skimming, straining and bottling. Phew, I'm whacked just writing about it here, or is there something I'm lacking? Maybe my seconds and minutes pass by more speedily than yours eh!

Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

Have had a few problems - so cancelled my Followers widget. Hope it doesn't prevent you from viewing my Blog. It's all tosh you know, but makes me laugh sometimes when I'm writing it.

I 'manage' - house/garden gets neglected at times which is why I'm not into making postcards and other itsy bitsy stuff. I'm widowed, my family are scattered around the country and my activities keep me busy and out of their hair!

Keep Blogging!


PS. The jelly really is delicious!

Grammy said...

Dear Babs,
Please keep writng! It may be "tosh" to you, but very enjoyable to those of us who read it! Your blog is charming and I get a lot of laughs from reading about some of your exploits, like the Pilates class. I see you love to keep busy, just as I do. I feel such kinship to you and such empanthy for the back problems that you have. Keep on truckin', friend.
Ruby (aka Grammy)