Thursday, November 6, 2008

Latest Stained Glass Appliqué to beautify entrance hall . . .

Lots of quilters make charming fabric postcards to send to each other. Perhaps, when I have more time I will have a go at this whimsical activity. I like whimsical!

Meanwhile most of my present time is spent making bed quilts for magazines, friends and family, plus Linus quilts, not to mention lots of quilting to re-decorate my home, which is showing signs of wear and shabbiness.

Made heavy curtains for entrance hall - appliquéd a design to match original stained glass window - see above.

Am planning to make bedroom curtains, using Liberty fabrics, covered with tasteful Celtic motifs to match the proposed Celtic Quilt for my bed.

Using 1930's designs for living room curtains. Appliquéd on very heavy cream linen.

So you see, not much time for 'owt else, apart from cooking, cleaning, nursing, gardening, singing, exercising and writing tosh on Blog. 

Talking of postcards, Priscilla, from ( sent me a lovely fabric postcard she had created from a photograph of my garden.  It's enchanting and I was delighted to receive it.  You can see the postcard in the Gallery on Pop Pw site.

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