Monday, November 11, 2013

Newly discovered 20 year old UFO quilt - ready to go under the Juki!

Shocked to discover this 20 year old UFO stuffed in plastic bag under a pile of clutter in the loft.
Had forgotten all about it . . used to demonstrate curved piecing at workshops I organised in 1990.
Called it my 'purple monstrosity' - fabric £1 a yard - bought from local market - you can tell it was/is cheap by the feel of it.

A lesson to be learned here. What is the point of putting a lot of work into a quilt using cheap materials?  Had I used some of my lovely stash would have liked the quilt and finished it years ago.

Quilt is backed with curtain fabric from Standfast factory shop in Lancaster.  Too thick for decent sewing but I'm determined to finish the quilt as I made a promise to myself that I would not begin anything new until all my UFO's were completed.
Had the quilt not been layered and backed a few years ago (see my article at Popular Patchwork online) I would probably have set it aside and worked on more interesting items like a cockerel 'stash and whack' quilt top for example - waiting in the wings.

I'm using cheap navy polyester thread - 5000 metres for £2.99 (you can see the spool on my Juki). Bought the thread from a new haberdashery shop -  "Bows and Bobbins" or Bobbins and Bows - on Princes Crescent. Lovely girl owns it -  deserves to do well.

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