Thursday, March 22, 2012

Don't waste your money on this . . . .

Having read lots of positive remarks regarding Sew Slip mats (see above) which you attach to the bed of the machine - supposedly making the surface extra slippy in order for the quilt to slide along - I bought one thinking it would be a wonderful aid to free motion quilting my eleven UFO's.
This product is not cheap and I was very disappointed.
It is easier and cheaper and more effective to use an anti-static furniture polish and duster.
It must be ANTI-STATIC polish not the one containing beeswax.  Quilt will slide along easily....
So don't waste your money.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A sacrificial quilt. . . and my sweet JUKI . .

Using a 20 year old very mucky/dusty UFO as a 'sacrificial' quilt upon which to practice quilting on my JUKI . . .
This quilt has not seen the light of day for years - stored in a bag alongside other UFO's up in the loft. Will need a good wash when it's quilted - before binding.
Am liking this old quilt more and more - the JUKI too!

What is the furniture polish doing on my table I hear you ask?
Will reveal all later . . . .

My Stephen died two years ago on Tuesday 13th. Seems five minutes ago. Miss him very much.

Plenty of room under the large 'harp.'

Note highly polished machine bed - better than sew-slip . .

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Might make a bed quilt once I'm proficient. . .

Patsy Thompson very kindly sent me some lovely fabrics - sateen - which I have been saving until I am really proficient in feather quilting and trapunto . .  meanwhile calico will have to do until then. Patsy has been burgled. Her car was broken into and machines, quilts - samples stolen. Heartbreaking.

Mindless Feathers every which way . . . .

No rhyme or reason - just quilted and quilted and quilted . . . to get hang of machine . . . on large piece of calico.

Getting the Hang of it . . .

Almost tore my hair out at first . . see hair - but improving . . .

Taming The Beast!

After much faffing and messing about with various threads -  needles - tension - finally doing a Heath Robinson on the pedal with a piece of firewood and sellotape - I have managed to Tame The Beast which now does as it's told. I disconnected the red thread cutting button (unnecessary in my opinion) - as it's easy enough to cut the threads using the scissor  button on the machine.

My 1015 Bernina blew up. No alternative but to Tame The Beast!

In the middle of some practice quilting when my trusty 1015 mechanical Bernina blew up sending clouds of acrid white smoke into the air. Couldn't believe it. This machine has machine quilted through thick and thin. Devastated. Have loads of quilt tops waiting to be finished alternative but to resurrect The Beast!