Thursday, October 25, 2012

Buying from the USA . .

Am feeling very cross. Ordered a DVD from the States costing $24.95 (£15.48). The package weighed 3ozs. On arrival in the UK I was asked to pay £11.07 ($18+) customs, VAT and postal charges before delivery.
I contacted the US supplier, with the news, who agreed to send me a gift in lieu of the extra charges.

The free GIFT has arrived in the UK but I have to pay £11.20 before it can be delivered! So much for a free gift. Not sure it will be what I want.
Ordering this DVD will have cost me the princely sum of £38 ($61)!!!

I rang the GPO and Customs who said that import duties changed last year and only £15 worth of goods (including postage) are allowed into the UK  without charge.

However, a gift can be sent between PRIVATE individuals without attracting tax etc.,
 If you order from a business you will be charged. So now you know.

I find it strange that I have, in the past, ordered lots of things from the US, including a metre long ruler only a couple of weeks ago - without paying duty.  So what is happening?
Perhaps someone out there can tell me . .

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