Sunday, May 10, 2015

my old imac has finally given up the ghost!

Silence from me is due to my reliable old imac giving up the ghost with hard drive having gone walkabout. Its over ten years old said Apple people which to me is quite young having had a 25 year old cooker and washing machine.
Am using Sony laptop which is ghastly and fiddly by comparison to imac but having said that have used macs since 1990 so unused to other stuff. Still have 2 old ones in the loft. A turquoise jelly coloured one and an ancient Performa from 1994. You might be right in thinking I am hoarder supremo not only of old Apple computers but also of fabric. Am reluctant to venture into loft which is awash with fabrics, wadding and now realise - a bit late - it is far better to buy lovely fabric for each new project. Buying fat quarters and suchlike willy nilly can be a waste of money. Fabrics date too.
Am fed up twiddling with this damn laptop. Off to put kettle on for some recuperative tea. Not green or herbal I might add. No, Its a proper cup of black tea with guts in it. No sugar.