Saturday, March 7, 2015

BiRangle arrived this afternoon as did a lovely postcard from Jan.

Many thanks to Jan. Her generous offer of a BiRangle which arrived today is very much appreciated. Expecting one from the US but it may never arrive so am glad of Jan's.
Plan A is to use a quilt pattern from Mary Hickey's The Joy of Quilting book. Its an old book but contains some interesting quilts.

Jan you naughty gal - no address for me to send you a personal thankyou.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lost BiRangle and Janet to the rescue!!

Ah! Janet has come to the rescue with offer of her BiRangle. Many many thanks Janet. Have sent email to you.

BiRangle ruler is not one that is used a great deal but does save time and trouble when making long thin triangles. Not much use for anything else.

Am about to start a wedding quilt for one of my grand-daughters who is getting married in October so I have plenty of time - says she!!!

Will keep you posted as I work on the quilt. Other than that do not have a lot to say. . . .for a change.