Friday, July 26, 2013

Latest jumper - 24th!!

Same jumper pattern - same needles - and some free wool - but am getting clever - cos I've added cabling on the front, back and sleeves. Makes it more interesting. Knitted a matching bobble hat with leftover wool.
Will knit one more jumper - as I still have some free wool - making it 25 jumpers since Stephen died three years ago - and that's IT!

During the winter instead of knitting whilst watching TV - I plan to have a go at making an old fashioned quilt - mostly appliqué - wait for it . . . . by hand!

Meanwhile have nearly finished the 3rd (winter) Singing Garden quilt but still have a couple more UFO's to tackle before bad weather sets in.    Brrh . . .

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Golden Girls won Gold medals at Lucerne today!

Hugs after the race - we did it!

Polly (Swann) and Helen (Glover) have won Gold medals at all three World Cups this year :
i)  Sydney, Australia -
ii) Eton Dorney, UK
iii) Lucerne, Switzerland.

Helen was a 2012 Olympic Gold medallist, partnered at the time by Heather Stanning who has returned to her duties in the army. Polly is Helen's new partner, and my grand-daughter.

You can see them row on BBC2 tomorrow - Monday -  at 3pm BST.

Then it's back to training for the World Championships in August at South Korea. It's all go go go, but how exciting. Only young once - got to enjoy and make the best of it while they have the chance!