Thursday, September 27, 2012

My handsome grandson Jamie . . .

Jamie, who lives and works as an engineer in Vancouver BC, came over for a few days to see the family in the Highlands and Edinburgh.
He is a gorgeous gentle giant - much loved.  Wonderful to see him - sad to see him go - but he loves the weather and outdoor life over there. He learned to ski - sail - climb mountains as a youngster living in the Highlands, but work is scarce around the Cairngorms so the children have to go further afield to pursue their careers. Jamie obtained a First in Engineering at Aberdeen University which was a proud moment for his mother and father - Joanna and my son Tom.

Only the border of old pineapple to quilt . . .

Not my finest work - in a hurry to get this ancient UFO out of the way. . .before starting on the Love Quilt . .

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Old easy piecey PIneapple - latest UFO

This is the latest UFO - under the Juki - ready to be quilted . . . .
I can't actually remember when I made this quilt -  lost in the mists of time . .
must be well over 20 years . . . if you look closely you will see how time has faded the black floral fabric. This quilt was used as a sample for pineapple workshops I taught at various venues in the northwest.

20 year old scrap UFO finished!

At last - another UFO finished. This scrap - cuddle - quilt was started 20+ years ago. I used 'soft and bright' wadding which caused lots of fluff in my machine - and backed the quilt with thick curtain fabric for warmth - or so I thought. It merely added weight and stiffness to the quilt.
The quilt is presently in the washing machine - with lots of softener which I hope will do just that - soften it!  At least it's one less UFO on the pile.  I'm finishing off these smaller UFO's whilst I ponder over the quilting design for the Love Quilt.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Can't get started . . on the Love Quilt

I keep looking at the Love Quilt but just can't get started. Don't want to mess it up so I've been practising FMQ ing all kinds of designs - including hearts - on spare pieces of fabric.

It's no good, I'll just have to gird my loins and take the plunge as there are another 8 quilt tops waiting to be quilted.

Sparrow hawk strikes again . .

Heard some squawking in the garden - went into garden just in time to see the sparrow hawk catch another sparrow. I disturbed him (assuming it was a him) at which point he flew off with the little sparrow in his claws.
It's upsetting but, as the birdseed man in the market said, the sparrow hawk also has to eat . . . .
In other words - it's nature - tooth and claw . . .

Monday, September 3, 2012

Drama in the garden . . .

The garden was unnaturally quiet - no bird song - nothing. It was eerie.  Suddenly saw movement on the grass (can't call it a lawn.)  This is what I saw. . . .a sparrowhawk enjoying a leisurely meal!

Sat on the trellis for a good hour afterwards - grooming itself - spitting out bits of fluff . . .