Monday, May 21, 2012


Made an effort this morning to finish a 'large' calico cushion I started with Jennie Raiment at a Garstang Patchwork Quilters workshop a few weeks ago. A great fun day with Jennie who was in her usual naughty sparkling form. Told us a good joke which is not suitable for the ears of tender ladies. Sorry.

Quilting Wm Morris quilt on my JUKI

Made a start machine quilting the William Morris bed quilt.
Decided it's better to keep myself occupied with something enjoyable that requires concentration than sit wringing my hands and worrying myself silly over things I cannot do anything about.

Re sewing:
It's so easy with the larger 'harp' and automatic thread cutter on the Juki. Saves a lot of time. Can move from one area to another without having to cut threads manually and draw up the bobbin thread before carrying on.

Have used invisible thread on top and Invisifil thread in the bobbin to stitch around the appliqués. These threads seem to work well together.
Have almost finished stitching around each appliqué before giving some - perhaps I should say a lot of thought -  to filling in the remainder.

Plan to complete the quilting using 100% silk thread on top spool but not quite sure which thread I'll use in the bobbin.  Too expensive to use silk thread both on top and in bobbin. Invisifil might be OK - Isacord quite good too. Will experiment with both before making a decision.